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another cfengine

From: Kevin Eberman
Subject: another cfengine
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 11:24:10 -0700

When running cfengine on a host, I'm getting the following error message
(cfd is not already running):

Checking copy from gaia:/techops/root/etc/sudoers.linux to /etc/sudoers
cfengine:sphinx: Another cfengine seems to have done
copy._techops_root_etc_sudoers_linux__etc_sudoers since I started
Saving the setuid log in /var/run/cfengine/cfengine.sphinx.log

When running cfengine remotely on the same host via cfrun, I get the

address@hidden/techops/config/cfengine# cfrun -f
/techops/config/cfengine/newHost -d
Domain name = kenamea.com
Appending [sphinx.kenamea.com]
host item: sphinx.kenamea.com ()
cfrun: calling sphinx.kenamea.com - 0
pid = 17829 i = 0
Connecting to server sphinx.kenamea.com with options  
Trying to connect to sphinx.kenamea.com =, port h=5308
Identifying as i.e. gaia, with signature 0

sphinx.kenamea.com replies..

cfd: Couldn't get a lock -- too soon: IfElapsed 0, ExpireAfter 120
cfd: Couldn't get a lock -- too soon: IfElapsed 0, ExpireAfter 120

Connection done...
wait result pid = 17829 number 1

The same server and config files are working on other hosts.  Thoughts?


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