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maxsize on what cfengine is capable to handle ?

From: Juha Ylitalo
Subject: maxsize on what cfengine is capable to handle ?
Date: 08 May 2002 12:30:16 +0300

Platform: FreeBSD 4.5-RELEASE
Cfengine: 2.0.1
Compiled with BERKELEY_DB_LIB=-ldb3
as configure arguments.

It seems that I am starting to reach some kind of max limit on what
cfengine or one of its dependences can handle as datasize or complexity
in number of classes, etc. in it. When my cfagent.conf has all my files
included (21575 bytes) it will do segmentation fault. If I leave my
Solaris related material out from import list in cfagent.conf (leaving
12341 bytes into configuration), it runs without any problems. Any ideas
on what is the troublesome limit? 

Juha Ylitalo         address@hidden         <work e-mail>
+358 40 562 6152     address@hidden              <rest of e-mail>
"Some tools are used, because its policy, others because they are good."

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