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Re: simple bug

From: Mark . Burgess
Subject: Re: simple bug
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 16:30:59 +0200 (MET DST)


I just looked at this and have found the error. I was not able to
reproduce your example, but in the process (for small files
which are not readable by the daemon - e.g. NFS mounted files
which root cannot read) I found the problem. Please test
out this beta version (next private message to you) 
and let me know if it works for you.

Please test cautiously, 


On 23 May, Lars Sodergren wrote:
> After some more testing it seems that all files less than 16 bytes in
> size triggers this bugg, independent of its content.
> On 23 May, To: address@hidden wrote:
>> I have found a bug in version 2.0.1 on Solaris-8 that cause the protocol
>> between cfagent and cfservd to fail. Any copy of a file with a single line
>> containing a single D hangs the connection, it should be easy to verify.
>> I found this when we started using CVS (Concurrent Versions System)
>> and CVS created files with a single D in empty directorys.
>> Output from "cfagent -v":
>>> Checking copy from bangui.md.chalmers.se:/var/cfengine/conf/inputs.server 
>>> to /var/cfengine/inputs
>>> nairobi.md.chalmers.se: Update of image /var/cfengine/inputs/testfil from 
>>> master /var/cfengine/conf/inputs.server/testfil on bangui.md.chalmers.se
>>> Checking copy from bangui.md.chalmers.se:/var/cfengine/conf/bin/cfagent to 
>>> /var/cfengine/bin/cfagent
>>> nairobi.md.chalmers.se: Transmission refused or failed statting 
>>> /var/cfengine/conf/bin/cfagent
>>> Got: Z÷:aµ`
>>> nairobi.md.chalmers.se: Can't stat /var/cfengine/conf/bin/cfagent in copy
>>> Checking copy from bangui.md.chalmers.se:/var/cfengine/conf/bin/cfexecd to 
>>> /var/cfengine/bin/cfexecd
>>> nairobi.md.chalmers.se: Update of image /var/cfengine/bin/cfexecd from 
>>> master /var/cfengine/conf/bin/cfexecd on bangui.md.chalmers.se
>> The file testfil:
>>> bangui(165)# od -c testfil 
>>> 0000000   D  \n
>>> 0000002
>> The file testfil gets the connection out of sync causing the copy of cfagent 
>> to
>> fail and then the copy of cfexecd hangs.

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