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Re: Varpath in control not setting variable

From: Adrian Phillips
Subject: Re: Varpath in control not setting variable
Date: 29 May 2002 16:12:57 +0200
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>>>>> "Hugo" == Hugo Gayosso <address@hidden> writes:

    Hugo> I use $(varname) instead of ${varname}, I don't know if that
    Hugo> makes a difference.

I'll give that a try to see if it helps. Thanks.

    Hugo> Also, this might be a problem (from docs):

    Hugo>   "Note that, if you define variables in an imported file
    Hugo> they will not be defined for operations in their parent
    Hugo> files. This because cfengine reads in all the import files

Yes, I should have mentioned this, the file is an imported file
imported after the variables are defined. In fact while debugging I
can see it being defined and its still not being used. I can post
(parts of) a debug file if it helps,

Thanks for the help,


Adrian Phillips

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