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Better handling of search lines in resolv.conf

From: Frank Bagehorn
Subject: Better handling of search lines in resolv.conf
Date: 17 Jun 2002 04:48:45 -0700

I'm a new user of cfengine, I'm using version 2.0.2.
In our environment we have a nameserver configuration that contains
a line like
   search zurich.ibm.com ibm.com
Using the resolve action, this line is left untouched, but another
search line is added, so the search statements read like:
   search zurich.ibm.com
   search zurich.ibm.com ibm.com
I suggest a small change in do.c to improve this handling:

--- do.c.orig   Fri Apr  5 17:45:25 2002
+++ do.c        Mon Jun 17 13:34:40 2002
@@ -2231,11 +2231,14 @@

 snprintf(VBUFF,bufsize,"search %s",ToLowerStr(VDOMAIN));
-if (IsItemIn(filebase,VBUFF))
-   {
-   DeleteItemStarting(&filebase,VBUFF);
-   }
+if ( LocateNextItemStarting(filebase,VBUFF) != NULL )
+  printf("File %s has already a line starting
+  PrependItem(&filebase,VBUFF,NULL);

 snprintf(VBUFF,bufsize,"domain %s",ToLowerStr(VDOMAIN));

With this patch, the resolve action will look for search statements
starting with "search mydomain" and will leave those lines untouched,
otherwise it will add an appropriate line.


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