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Re: some FreeBSD ./configure problems

From: Mark . Burgess
Subject: Re: some FreeBSD ./configure problems
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 13:49:32 +0200 (MET DST)

On 29 Jul, Tony Finch wrote:
> There are a couple of problems with cfengine's ./configure script on FreeBSD:

Are you sure? None of the other FreeBSD users have reported this.
> (1) cfengine depends on OpenSSL-0.9.6b but FreeBSD-STABLE only has 0.9.6a.
> I've looked at the OpenSSL ChangeLog and there don't appear to be any
> pressing reasons to require the later version, so could this be relaxed for
> convenience sake?

I think this might be ok, after all.

> (2) The test for <sys/mount.h> doesn't include the prerequisite <sys/param.h>
> so the test fails.

Yes it does??

> I can provide a patch against config.ac if required, but at the moment I
> only have a patch against configure because that's what the FreeBSD port
> will need.
> Tony.

I don't see anything to do at this stage, unless anyone can confirm
there is a problem.

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