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Easy cfagent bug

From: David J. Bianco
Subject: Easy cfagent bug
Date: 27 Aug 2002 10:29:42 -0400

There's a slight bug in cfagent.  It seems that it confuses local files
with those on the server when it tries to compute a checksum to see if
it should perform a remote copy.  I have a line like the following in
my update.conf file:

                /local/Linux/sbin dest=/var/cfengine/sbin

This is pretty simplified, since I took out a variety of other unrelated
but confusing elements.  

You also need to know that I have a /local/Linux/sbin on the machine
on which this code runs (which is not the master machine) since this
is where I build my cfengine binaries.  These binaries in the local
machine's /local/Linux/sbin directory are different than those on the
server and in the client's /var/cfengine/sbin, since I haven't tested
them out enough to put the new ones into production.

The behavior I see is this: cfagent tries to update the cfengine
binaries by doing a checksum against /var/cfengine/sbin and 
the copies in /local/Linux/sbin on the client.  The problem is, it's
*supposed* to be doing checksums on the server's /local/Linux/sbin
directory instead.  Since I have newer files in the client's version of
that directory, cfengine always thinks it needs to copy new binaries
into place.  It correctly uses the server's copy of /local/Linux/bin 
to grab the new images, but it thinks it has to do this every time
cfagent runs, which is annoying. 

Of course, I can get around this by changing the local client's
directory name, but I think this has more important implications for
checksums against files on the server that might need to be corrected.


David J. Bianco, GSEC           <address@hidden>
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
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