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Re: disks:freespace nightmare, local mounts require nasty workaround.

From: Mark . Burgess
Subject: Re: disks:freespace nightmare, local mounts require nasty workaround.
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 22:05:36 +0200 (MET DST)

> I have read about the model you propose in the cfengine reference
> document (regarding /$(site)/$(host) ), but I still don't understand
> why we can't do something like:
> disks:
>    /home  freespace=99%    inform=true
> but we have to actually say:
> disks:
>    /home/somedirectory  freespace=99%    inform=true
> And that's not all, 'somedirectory' needs to have at least one file
> there!

I don't understand this. It works fine for me. Exactly this example
in 2.0.4. But you have to have "disks" in the action sequence...

> But if I want to check: /usr, /home, /var, /tmp
> Then I thought I could do:
> control:
>    FStoCheck = ( usr:home:var:tmp )
> files:
>    /$(FStoCheck)/.cfengine_freespace/.cfengine        owner=root   group=root 
>   mode=0700   action=create
> disks:
>    /$(FStoCheck)/.cfengine-freespace  freespace=99%    inform=true
> But it doesn't work, because iteration works only for the section
> "files:", but not for "disks:", so the directories and files are
> created but the disk space can't be checked so I would have to enter
> multiple lines in the "disks" section.

A patch for the iteration is simple, and I'm attaching src/install.c to
patch 2.0.4.

This then works with your example.


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