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Re: Void functions returning NULL

From: Alexander Mattausch
Subject: Re: Void functions returning NULL
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 11:10:22 +0200
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address@hidden schrieb:

The HPUX compiler is especially tough on these messages. Many of
them are caused by inconsistencies in datatypes between platforms.
The return values were a cut and paste error that have no effect
on the program, since the function is void. Mixing void and void*
is potentially more serious - can you be specific?

I had a similar problem on DEC Unix, the compiler failed in cfservd.c. I have included a patch that makes cfservd.c compile (and run) with the native compiler on DEC Unix.

This patch also changes protoype.h - it comments CheckDFSSACE. Without that cfengine does not compile.


--- src/prototypes.h.orig       Thu Jul 25 17:33:05 2002
+++ src/prototypes.h    Thu Jul 25 17:33:24 2002
@@ -164,8 +164,8 @@

 /* dce_acl.c */

-struct CFACE;
-int CheckDFSACE ARGLIST((struct CFACE *aces, char method, char *filename, enum 
fileactions action));
+/*struct CFACE;
+int CheckDFSACE ARGLIST((struct CFACE *aces, char method, char *filename, enum 
fileactions action));*/

 /* df.c */

--- src/cfservd.c.orig  Thu Aug 29 09:39:27 2002
+++ src/cfservd.c       Thu Sep  5 16:57:38 2002
@@ -867,9 +867,7 @@
 if (pthread_create(&tid,&PTHREADDEFAULTS,(void *)HandleConnection,(void 
*)conn) != 0)
@@ -3090,7 +3088,6 @@
       CfLog(cferror,"pthread_mutex_lock failed","pthread_mutex_lock");
-      return NULL;
@@ -3101,7 +3098,6 @@
       CfLog(cferror,"pthread_mutex_unlock failed","pthread_mutex_lock");
-      return NULL;

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