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Bug in tidy section

From: Bas van der Vlies
Subject: Bug in tidy section
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 10:41:02 +0200

cfengine 2.0.4

I want to delete links with the tidy command. I have specified 
dirlinks=tidy and links=tidy. But no links will be deleted even
if they point to a non-existent file. 

This is from the manual:
    The value links=tidy has the same effect as the -L command line option
    except that here it may be specified per item rather than globally. Setting
    this value causes links which point to non-existent files to be deleted.
    This feature will not work on commands with the home wildcard feature. If
    you want to clean up old links you should either user a files command or
    the command line option which sets the tidy feature globally.

I have done some research in tidy.c function RecursiveTidySpecialArea() 
there is check for the owner of a link:
      if (S_ISLNK(statbuf.st_mode) && (statbuf.st_mode != getuid()))
         snprintf(OUTPUT,bufsize,"File %s is an untrusted link. cfagent
          will not follow it with a destructive operation (tidy)",pcwd);

This statement is wrong. Because we compare the mode bits with getuid
info. it must be:
        if (S_ISLNK(statbuf.st_mode) && (statbuf.st_uid != getuid()))

cfagent runs as root so it will only remove links that are own for root.
must this check be skipped for root?. I just want to tidy files under
/tmp or /var/tmp including links.

Another remark must there not be a debug statement included. So we know why a
link is not deleted:
  Debug("%s\n", OUTPUT);

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