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Tidy logging semantics

From: Adam Doligalski
Subject: Tidy logging semantics
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 12:26:58 +0200
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CFengine is a great piece of software... It can do nearly everything I need, bug last time I've encountered some difficulties with 'tidy' section.

When I'm trying to use tidy with inform set on, it reported about everything: what it deleted and he couldn't delete. And that surprised me: even if there was not time to delete some directory - it usually reported something like this:

cfengine:mars: Non-empty directory /mnt/galaxy-tmp/tmp/bea, skipping..
cfengine:mars: Non-empty directory /mnt/galaxy-tmp/tmp/adamd, skipping..

I've took a look into tidy.c source file. And I think that the semantics of logging subsystem in tidy lacks some important messages.

Firstly it checks directories. And if it is direcotry and is not empty (it doesn't matter if there was need to unlink it) and prints messages mentioned above.

My proposal is to switch this information to be shown at 'verbose' level.

Main target of that is that some people (like me) would be like to be informed about deleting of some files or directories. So information about skipping directories that tidy shouldn't even try to delete is a bit noisy.

I've patched it and it works fine.

Kind regards,

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