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PATCH:cfengine-Reference.texi:files (was: Re: Odd Behaviour (FAQs?))

From: Hugo Gayosso
Subject: PATCH:cfengine-Reference.texi:files (was: Re: Odd Behaviour (FAQs?))
Date: 14 Oct 2002 15:42:05 -0400
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>     David> Also, in the Cfagent Reference (Chapter 3), p. 67, it lists
>     David> the syntax starting with a....
>     David>     /file-object [...]
>     David> then in the first descriptive entry below it says:
>     David>     /directory This is the only obligatory part of a file
>     David> action.
> Yes, I believe one of these should be changed to be the same name as
> the other (most obviously /directory should be changed to
> /file-object),
> Sincerely,
> Adrian Phillips

My proposal to fix this is (patch attached):

     This is the only obligatory part of a file action. This may be a
     single file or a directory.  If it is a directory then it
     indicates where does the file search should begin.  The
     recursion specifier may be used to force cfengine to descend
     into subdirectories in a controlled fashion, starting from this
     point, checking files there also.  The wildcard `home' may also
     be used.  *Note home directive::.

     A file object is interpreted as a directory if you write it in
     the following form: `/directory-path/.'. i.e. a trailing dot
     signifies a directory. This then becomes the same as the
     `directory' command.

Note that the last paragraph was moved into this entry as it was
BEFORE it.  BTW, I have "files:" declarations where I don't use the
trailing dot, nor the trailing "/" but it still seems to work (I just
verified).  So maybe that last paragraph should be removed completely.

      /var/masterconf   mode=2775  owner=root  group=sysconf
                        recurse=1  action=fixall

cfengine fixed the ownership when I changed it to test this behavior.

Anyway, here is the patch against 'cfengine-Reference.texinfo':

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