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cfengine 2.0.4 bugs

From: David E. Nelson
Subject: cfengine 2.0.4 bugs
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 16:40:57 -0500 (CDT)

Dear Cfengine Team,

I've recently been introduced to cfengine and have been reviewing it for a
couple of weeks now.  I've noted the following documentation and binary bugs
during my evaluation.  I'm definitely going to introduce this s/w to the team
and see about deploying it at out sites.


** cfengine tutorial

Section 2.5

- `cfagent` does not look for 'cfagent.conf' in the current directory but
rather in /var/cfengine/inputs.

- `cfagent --file myfile` does not look for 'myfile' in the current directory; 
you must specify `cfagent --file ./myfile`

Section 3.11 - Log files written by cfagent

- 3rd paragraph: The setuid/setgid file stated as /var/cfengine/cfengine.log.  
The log file created is /var/cfengine/cfengine..log.  This also conflicts with 
section 7.10 which is noted below.

Section 7.10 - The setuid log

- "These are recorded in the file cfengine.host.log."  I see no file called
'cfengine.<host>.log', but instead I see "cfagent..log" with the list of setuid

** cfengine reference

- Section 3.8.52 - "Currently only the first three characters of this string 
are checked against the timezone which cfengine manages to glean from the 
system."  In Solaris, the timezones can be defined as "US/Central", for 
example.  The first three letter test is not enough to guarantee uniqueness.

** Program Bugs

-- Dry-run option (-n) does not work w/ 'checksum' - ie when 'files: /dir
recurse=inf checksum=md5' is used - a checksum is still performed

-- Configured cfengine-2.0.4 with `./configure
--prefix=/usr/local/pkgs/cfengine-2.0.4 --with-logdir=/var/cfengine/log`.  Log
files are still written to /var/cfengine.

-- Adding 'LogDirectory = ( /var/cfengin/log )' to cfagent.conf and executing
`cfagent -v` results in info mesg "[LogDirectory is no longer runtime
configurable: use configure --with-logdir=LOGDIR ]".

-- The '--with-logdir' configure option is not documented with './configure

-- The setuid log file fails to include the hostname in the log file as
documented. Instead, I get '/var/cfenging/cfagent..log'.

-- On occasion I see two 'cfservd' daemons running.  Is this normal?  I ensure 
that the 'cfservd' is checked and restarted if necessary via cfengine.
root      7236  0.0  0.0  4004   28 ?        S    Oct03   0:00 cfservd
root     30296  0.0  0.0  4004   28 ?        S    Oct08   0:00 cfservd

~~ ** ~~  If you didn't learn anything when you broke it the 1st ~~ ** ~~
                        time, then break it again.

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