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my classes are ignored in cfagent.conf

From: Jorge Garcia
Subject: my classes are ignored in cfagent.conf
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 16:03:46 -0700 (PDT)

I have some defined classes in the file "cf.groups", including the class 
"webservers". In the file "cfagent.conf", I have a couple of clauses like:

   webservers::     cf.webserver

   redhat.!webservers::         cf.redhatws

Then I run "cfagent -v" on a computer that is running redhat and is a 
member of group "webservers". The machine doesn't import either of the 
files, even though it claims it is part of those classes:

*** OUTPUT OF cfagent -v
(chopped some lines)

 * (Changing context state to: main) *

Unable to detect environment from cfenvd

Import file cf.groups
Import file cf.main
Accepted domain name: cse.ucsc.edu

Defined Classes = ( any redhat redhat_7 redhat_7_3 Monday Hr16 Min00 
Min00_05 Q1 Hr16_Q1 Day21 October Yr2002 linux hgwdev 32_bit 
linux_2_4_18_10bigmem i686 linux_i686 linux_i686_2_4_18_10bigmem 
compiled_on_linux_gnu 128_114_50_189 hgwdev_cse_ucsc_edu 128_114_50 
ipv4_128_114_50_189 ipv4_128_114_50 ipv4_128_114 ipv4_128 10_1_1_7 
hgwdev_10_kilokluster_ucsc_edu 10_1_1 ipv4_10_1_1_7 ipv4_10_1_1 ipv4_10_1 
ipv4_10 webservers net10 OnTheHour DayTime )

(chopped some lines)

The examples in the documentation claim that this should work. It seems to 
work in the second instance (cf.redhatws is not imported), but not in the 
first (cf.webserver is not imported).

Is this a bug? Any ideas? I'm running version 2.0.4


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