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Re: AIX fixes for cfengine 1.6.5?

From: Petter Reinholdtsen
Subject: Re: AIX fixes for cfengine 1.6.5?
Date: 10 Nov 2002 01:36:32 +0100
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[Mark Burgess]
> Petter, - 1.6.5 is not really supported now. Use 2.0.4 if you can.

Hm.  It is not yet an option.  We do not want to modify the
configuration script at this stage.  We are changing software
distribution system, and keep the configuration files.  We will adapt
the configuration files for version 2 later, when we are finished with
this project.

I'll try older versions and see if any of them will compile on AIX,
instead of wasting more time trying to get v1.6.5 to compile on AIX
and Darwin.

Thanks for letting me know.

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