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Re: Incorrect compound class evaluation

From: Chip Seraphine
Subject: Re: Incorrect compound class evaluation
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 15:02:39 -0500
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Came across this message (from April) while researching my own problem. I'm also seeing what Jim saw (in 2.0.6). My workaround was to throw in some grouping symbols and do a DeMorgan on it:

foo.bar.bat.!x.!y   becomes    foo.bar.bat.!(x|y)

Logically equivalent, but the way on the right works (and the one on the left does not). It's a stinker of a problem, since contrived examples never show this bug-- but it occurs in my production script. It must be something subtle, like a memory overrun that only happens in a big parse-job or something wacky like that.

Jim Wight wrote:

Jim Wight writes:
I have a situation in which a compound class is not being evaluated


and part of copy is like this:



The copy does not take place in the second pass on a host that is not
"somehost" and for which the module does not define "someclass";
"always" is my version of "any", and is always True.

I see that my problem is similar to a recent one in help-cfengine with
the subject 'Double-negative class workaround', to which Mark replied:

  I find it difficult to believe that this doesn't work. Please
  check for misunderstandings, typos etc. Or provide a complete
  example that demonstrates the problem.

I too find it, and my own problem, difficult to believe as I have
multiple negatives at other places in my cfagent.conf (but not as part
of a second pass, mind you, which seems to be at the root of mine),
and they work OK.

In the case of my own problem, I have now discovered that by defining

  NotSomehost = ( !somehost )

and using


things start working again as expected.


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