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cfengine 2.0.6 large file copy failure

From: Jeremy 'Circ' Charles
Subject: cfengine 2.0.6 large file copy failure
Date: 23 Jul 2003 19:45:20 -0500

I seem to be having a problem getting cfengine 2.0.6 to copy a file that
is 2220883968 bytes (2.0684 GB) in size.  Does cfengine have a problem
with files over 2G?

I don't see any mention of this in the changelog that is published on
the web site.

Here's the output I get on the machine running cfagent:

gophers:: Server returned error:  Host authentication failed. Did you
forget the domain name?
gophers:: (Can't stat /clu/lc-cfmaster2/epic/trn/app/CACHE.DAT)

Here's what I get in the syslog on the machine running cfservd:

Jul 23 19:28:18 sunni cfservd[12292]: Host authorization/authentication
failed or access denied
Jul 23 19:28:18 sunni cfservd[12292]: From
Jul 23 19:28:19 sunni cfservd[12292]:  ID from connecting host: (SYNCH
1059006500 STAT /clu/lc-cfmaster2/epic/trn/app/CACHE.DAT)

Note that the same cfagent run copies a truckload of other files just
fine, but none of them are over 2G in size.

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