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cfexecd/CompareResult patch for outputs/previous symlink problem

From: Jeff Wasilko
Subject: cfexecd/CompareResult patch for outputs/previous symlink problem
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 19:15:37 -0400
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We were having problems with cfexecd mailing out the same outputs
file contents after each run, rather than suppressing the duplicate mail.

I traced the problem to a problem with the way the
'outputs/previous' symlink was handled. In 2.0.7p3, the symlink
isn't recreated at each run. This can create a situation where
the symlink points to a file that's so old that the target gets
tidied. At that point, the symlink points nowhere, and every run
of cfexecd creates output that appears to be different (since
there's no target of the symlink to compare it to).

Does this make sense?

We re-wrote CompareResult() in cfexecd.c to unlink the
'outputs/previous' symlink and re-link it during each run so
that the symlink always points to the most 'previous' file, rather
than a old one.

I'm attaching a unified diff, plus another file with just the
function in it since it's not very big and the diff's a bit hard
to read.

I hope this fix can make it into the next release. I've been
running my patched version for a week now and I've not seen any


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