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Patching an itch (part 1)

From: Chip Seraphine
Subject: Patching an itch (part 1)
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 17:02:03 -0600
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Here's a couple of very small local patches I've been using for a while here.
Not sure wether or not they are of sufficiently general interest to warrant
inclusion, but I figure I'd let Mark decide that :-)

This one allows for the builder to optionally define CF_LOG_DFLT.  If this is
done, that level is used for 'cfinform' messages.  I did this because some log
monitoring software considers 'notice' to be worthy of forwarding on to an 
so I wanted routine cfengine traffic to go to the 'inform' priority instead.

It also slightly changes the way Pekka Savola's "%-stripper" code works, so that
it only replaces % signs if they appear to actually escape something.  (This
makes certain log messages more readable.)  It also adds an ifndef around so
that sites using a modern/secure syslogd can turn this off altogether when
compiling by defining NO_SAFE_SYSLOG_BUFFER.

--- cfengine-2.1.0p1/src/log.c  Fri Oct  3 16:15:17 2003
+++ cfengine-2.1.0p1-new/src/log.c      Wed Nov  5 14:36:45 2003
@@ -101,18 +102,23 @@
 buffer[1023] = '\0';

 /* Check for %s %m which someone might be able to insert into
    an error message in order to get a syslog buffer overflow...
    bug reported by Pekka Savola */

+/* Slight tweak: Only do this if the following character looks
+   like an expansion of some kind, so that %m => %? but 10% is
+   still 10% */
 for (sp = buffer; *sp != '\0'; sp++)
-   if (*sp == '%')
+   if (*sp == '%' && (*(sp+1) > 0x20))
       *sp = '?';

 #if defined HAVE_PTHREAD_H && (defined HAVE_LIBPTHREAD || defined 
 if (!SILENT && (pthread_mutex_lock(&MUTEX_SYSCALL) != 0))
@@ -147,7 +153,7 @@

                     if (LOGGING && IsPrivileged() && !DONTDO)
-                       syslog(LOG_NOTICE, "%s", buffer);
+                        syslog(CF_LOG_DFLT, "%s", buffer);

                        if (strlen(errstr) != 0)

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