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Patches for Full Qualified, Mixed Case Hostnames

From: Bob Van Valzah
Subject: Patches for Full Qualified, Mixed Case Hostnames
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 22:27:00 -0600

Dear cfengine maintainers,

I'm attaching three patches that I've found necessary to run cfengine in
my environment.  Others wouldn't need these patches if they used
hostnames that were not fully qualified or if they were fully qualified
but used all lower case.

I suspect that these patches make cfengine more general and also provide
a very small speed improvement.  I'm just calling case insensative
string comparisons whenever domain names are involved.  I'd guess that
this is a tad faster than malloc()ing space for a lower case version of
the domain name.

Before incorporating these patches, you should check to make sure that
strcasestr() is present on all platforms where strstr() is present. 
I've only verified it for FreeBSD and Linux (RH 7.3).

I should also say it's tricky to find out why cfengine doesn't work in
an environment like mine.  Incorporating these patches into the source
tree would save others the pain I've felt.

Line numbers are relative to 2.1.0p1.

Thanks for your consideration.  And thanks for your work on cfengine!


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