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[Patch] Inconsistent IfConf() definitions in 2.1.2a4

From: Iain Morgan
Subject: [Patch] Inconsistent IfConf() definitions in 2.1.2a4
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 20:38:16 -0800 (PST)


IfConf() is defined with inconsisten argument lists in ifconf.c
(in cfengine-2.1.2a4). This leads to a compilation error on IRIX.

The following patch fixes this issue:

--- ifconf.c.orig       Fri Jan 23 02:25:53 2004
+++ ifconf.c    Sat Jan 24 20:30:26 2004
@@ -482,11 +482,11 @@
 # endif
-#else /* NT */
+#else /* NT or IRIX */
-void IfConf (vifdev,vnetmask,vbroadcast)
+void IfConf (vifdev,vaddress,vnetmask,vbroadcast)
-char *vifdev,*vnetmask, *vbroadcast;
+char *vifdev,*vaddress,*vnetmask,*vbroadcast;
 Verbose("Network configuration is not implemented on this OS\n");

Iain Morgan
NAS Desktop Support Group

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