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Re: more helpful classes for Irix

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: more helpful classes for Irix
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 17:59:24 +0000
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Iain Morgan <address@hidden> writes:

> While it would be nice to have the built-in ability to distinguish between
> the various revs of IRIX 6.5, the following note in the syssgi(2) man page
> should not go unnoticed:

Actually it didn't go unnoticed, and I should probably have added a
comment.  As far as I can tell, that's the only interface that
provides the info.  `uname' calls it directly.  Is there actually
another interface for this?  If not, it seems unlikely this one will
go away and the man page appears incorrect anyhow.

If you want an autoconf test for it, I can easily provide one.  That's
what I'd normally do, but I got the impression from elsewhere in
cfengine that it wasn't called for.  (I have a hard time with the
source, though.)

>          These are all interfaces that are used to implement various
>          system library functions.  They are all subject to change and
>          should not be called directly by applications.
> The approach I've taken is to define a convenient class:
> groups:
>         irix_6_5_21     = ( irix_ip22_6_5_07141528
>                             irix_ip32_6_5_07141529
>                             irix64_ip25_6_5_07141529
>                             irix64_ip27_6_5_07141529
>                             irix64_ip28_6_5_07141529
>                             irix64_ip30_6_5_07141529
>                           )

I don't even know what the board numbers and irix/irix64 are a priori.

To get the info otherwise, I have to prat about with the output of
uname, which seems to defeat the object of the cfengine classes.

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