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Re: HostRange bug

From: Jim Wight
Subject: Re: HostRange bug
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 13:18:49 +0100

> There appears to be a bug in the handling of HostRange in 2.1.10 and
> earlier which may mean - it is certainly true in some circumstances -
> that it is not possible to use HostRange more than once.


> show that VDEFAULTBINSERVER.name is getting corrupted between calls to
> HandleHostRange (in functions.c).

The bug is in the loop starting at line 1079 in FuzzyHostMatch in item.c:

  for (sp = s2; sp < s2+strlen(s2); sp++ )
     if ( isdigit((int)*sp) )
        *sp = '\0';

The loop modifies the string pointed to by s2 (the seond argument), and
FuzzyHostMatch is called from HandleHostRange in functions.c with
VDEFAULTBINSERVER.name as the second argument.


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