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FileExists bug 2.1.3 thru 2.1.10 (at least)

From: Jerry G. DeLapp
Subject: FileExists bug 2.1.3 thru 2.1.10 (at least)
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 14:59:12 -0600
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The following code snippet in functions.c

if (strchr(args,','))
   yyerror("Illegal argument to unary class-function");

Means that the following statement:

class = FileExists(/a/directory/with/an/RCS/file,v)

will throw the yyerror above instead of actually doing the stat.  The logic of 
HandleStatInfo is forbidding the perfectly valid (*nix) filename character 

A more detailed reading of HandleStatInfo and its invocation makes me think 
that the strchr/yyerror clause shouldn't be there at all.  A patch to dump 
that clause is attached.

I did not check versions prior to 2.1.3 or the latest CVS repository.

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