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RE: Seg faulting cfagent in v.2.1.13

From: Dan Gilbert
Subject: RE: Seg faulting cfagent in v.2.1.13
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 14:54:05 -0800

Eric --

I cannot find the cf_lastseen.db file on either the master or the client 
machines.  The error came up the first time I was trying to use cfagent on the 
client box so as to refine my server recovery procedure using the cfengine 

Where would this file be located normally?  Come to think of it, there aren't 
any cf_*.db files on either machine.  When do these get created?



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To: Dan Gilbert
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Subject: Re: Seg faulting cfagent in v.2.1.13

On Thu, 3 Mar 2005, Dan Gilbert wrote:

> Any thoughts? My cursory scan of the list archives didn't find
> anything, though I may not have seen everything, either. Below is 
> the gdb trace as prescribed on the cfwiki.org site (pruned to the 
> area just before the seg fault): 

> (gdb) bt
> #0 LastSeen (hostname=0xbfff1460 "macgyver", role=cf_connect) 
>   at ip.c:422 

This looks like it's because something bogus got pulled from the 
last-seen berkeley db. I had a similar problem with the dynamic hosts 
database on a busy cf server, where some corruption had occured and 
subsequent reads from the bad area caused segfaults. Can you remove 
the cf_lastseen.db and see if the problem goes away? This db is not 
critical to functioning, so it should just be re-created without a 

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