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Re: set file mode problem

From: Maurice Bremond
Subject: Re: set file mode problem
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 15:30:25 +0100
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>It seems that cfengine doesn't like file of type door.

>Door is a special solaris object. I am not sure if it is fully
>supported. I shall check, but it will take me a while

We are doing the same things here, and it works.

We are running cfengine-2.1.11 on solaris 8 (+patch ldap 108993-40) and solaris 

in our configs, we have :


      m=444 act=fixall

      m=444 act=fixall

And if I test :

address@hidden /root]# uname -r
address@hidden /root]# chmod 400 /etc/.ldap_cache_door 

address@hidden /root]# ls -l /etc/.ldap_cache_door 
Dr--------   1 root     other          0 Dec 14 13:15 /etc/.ldap_cache_door

address@hidden /root]# cfagent
cfengine:citronnier: Object /etc/.ldap_cache_door had permission 400, changed 
it to 444

address@hidden /root]# ls -l /etc/.ldap_cache_door 
Dr--r--r--   1 root     other          0 Dec 14 13:15 /etc/.ldap_cache_door

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