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Re: Problems with netgroups and ldap.

From: Mark Keller
Subject: Re: Problems with netgroups and ldap.
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 13:51:43 -0700
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Sorry for the late response. I don't seem to be getting the posts to the 
bug-cfengine list, at least from Friday.

Yes this is a multiprocessor machine. I could try it on one of our single 
processor machines if you think that would help. The problem does seem 
strange to me. 

I am not in a big hurry to get this fixed. I currently have just applied my 
own patch and have distributed it out to all my Solaris servers, but if it is 
a cfengine problem, I hope it gets fixed. I am just wondering if there are 
any other people using Solaris, padl.com NSS modules, and LDAP netgroups that 
it works on. 

Thanks for the help,

Mark Keller

>I could not find the function on my new linux. It looks like a thread
>rentrancy problem - very strange. Is this a multiprocessor machine? 
>It might take me a little while to look at this as I am about to travel
>to the US for a week.

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