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Cfservd not rereading config...

From: Christian Pearce
Subject: Cfservd not rereading config...
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 11:23:03 -0400

I know I have chirped about this before. I am pawing through the code. I
added some debugs. Essentially in StartServer (cfservd.c) there is a
while loop. At the top of it it checks the file but only if there are no
active threads. Unfortunately this code never gets called till after the
connection is made and a thread is active.

I added a debug to spit out the number of active threads.  It is 0 when
I start.  A connection is made.  The treads go back down to zero in
HandleConnection.  But at this point my original debug about
CheckFileChanges never gets executed until after a new connection is
made and the threads increase to 1.  So the code never gets reread.
Except very random times through out the day.  I suppose it is doing
something with threads I just don't understand.

Clearly this isn't working like it should.

Mark do you have thoughts on this.  It gets quite difficult to explain
the code in email.

Christian Pearce

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