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Re: open bugs on 2.1.14?

From: rader
Subject: Re: open bugs on 2.1.14?
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 15:47:21 -0500

just finished up with upgrading to 2.1.14...

 - Re "Problems with cfservd and SIGCHLD"... fixed. 
   (Horray! I can do ad-hoc pushes to RHEL3/SL3 now!)

 - Re "Copy/Purge exclude problem"... I have verified the 
   behavior I described in my post dated 06 Apr 2005 
   14:56:16... I don't see any bug but rather incorrect
   doc... I will submit a patch at sourceforge in a minute.

- - - 
systems & network manager
high energy physics
university of wisconsin

PS: subversion (http://svn.iu.hio.no/viewcvs) is crapping
out with a python error right now?  ...something about BerkDB
couldn't alloc mem.

 > ---- Original Message ----
 > From: Eric Sorenson
 > Can everyone who is currently experiencing a bug with cfengine please 
 > take a couple of minutes and do two (hopefully) quick things to help the 
 > community out?
 > 1. Make sure that your bug is still present under 2.1.14 (so we have a 
 >    baseline to work from)
 > 2. If it is, go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/cfengine and write 
 >    it up in the Bug Tracker.
 > I found myself with a free afternoon today and wanted to dig into some 
 > cfengine bugs but it wasn't clear to me from the last week or two of 
 > the archives whether people got resolution on them or not.  
 > Specifically --
 > - "Re: Copy/Purge exclude problem" -- was this a doc bug ('ignore' vs 
 > 'include' in the docs) or a real problem?
 > - "Re: [Cfengine] Re: Problems with cfservd and SIGCHLD" -- did the 
 >   SIG_DFL patch fix everyone's problems who saw things related to 
 >   popen() ignoring SIGCHLD ?  There were some people with defunct 
 >   ifconfig, and other possibly-related reports. 
 > Please, if you've got open bugs, file them -- we need to bootstrap up 
 > the SF bugtracker and it'll just take a bit of effort to get the ball 
 > rolling.  Thanks
 > -- 
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