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Fresh bugs...

From: Christian Pearce
Subject: Fresh bugs...
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 09:10:30 -0400

        I submitted a few bugs:
        * 1236291 -- Array size for interfaces lookup is to small.  I
        have a guy
        who has more that 512 interfaces on his webserver. (fixed)
        * 1234836 -- On HPUX 11.11 the ifconfig command is in a
        different place.
        * 1234815 -- I have been getting this one a lot recently:
        decrypt failed = block type is not 02", maybe you can shed some
        light on
        this. (Unresolved)
        * 1234791 -- We documented what we found with SkipIdentify,
        maybe we
        don't understand what this is suppose to do.  But I would like
        to turn
        the cfservd from doing an DNS lookup on a connecting client.
        Let me know what is going on with the last two and I can get
        someone to
        fix it in code, if we understand what is suppose to happen.
Christian Pearce
Perfect Order, Inc.

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