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Re: bug-cfengine list/SF integration

From: John Sechrest
Subject: Re: bug-cfengine list/SF integration
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 14:29:01 -0700

Thank you. I think those are good steps.

Eric Sorenson <address@hidden> writes:

 % I just changed the bug tracker configuration on sourceforge so that 
 % this list will get emailed whenever activity happens on bugs. It's 
 % one-way, in that email traffic about a bug will not get appended to 
 % that bug's tracker entry, but it should help track when new things are 
 % added and so forth.  I know Mark's complained, and I have been annoyed, 
 % that the SF stuff sort of exists off in its own world and you have to
 % remember to go there and click around in addition to the normal stream
 % of work.
 % I have also set it up so that you have to be logged in to sourceforge 
 % in order to submit a bug. The "New Bug" page now says this in 
 % explanation:
 %         You have to have a valid sourceforge.net login in order
 %         to submit cfengine bugs.  This is for two reasons: 1. bug 
 %         tracker activity is resent to the bug-cfengine list, and this 
 %         should cut down on spam; 2. it's really difficult to get patch 
 %         validation from anonymously submitted bugs.
 %         So please sign up or log in before you submit your bug.
 % Hope this is OK with everyone; if not, both changes are  easy to 
 % revert but they seemed like a resonable steps.
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