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=> vs >=

From: Branson Matheson
Subject: => vs >=
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 15:05:41 -0400
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  I just spent 5! weeks trying on and off to find a problem in a cfengine script
that turned out to be => is what the size item is looking for and not >= ( 
which is 
what most every other programming language in the world uses.  ) 

 I understand why ( size is looking for anything past = .. and if it sees > it 
to use that as a lower limit) but it does make things confusing when one is a 
as well as an admin and puts it the other way.

 Would it be possible to have it honor it both ways? Or if not .. have a useful 
instead of:

cf:cfengine::/var/cfengine/inputs/dumper/config.cf:51:  Image loop: 
  file/dir copies to itself or missing destination file
 Which is what you get because it identifies it as a new source.

 I'll likely post a patch if someone more conversant with the source tree 

  - b 

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