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CFENGINE 2.1.18 released

From: Mark Burgess
Subject: CFENGINE 2.1.18 released
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 14:35:58 +0100

Cfengine 2.1.18 released at http://www.cfengine.org/download.phtml

 MD5 (cfengine-2.1.18.tar.gz) = 7703780f987facc537cf239b04d2b2e8 
 SHA1(cfengine-2.1.18.tar.gz) = 4f1350d9cb052443df105fa080a39dd07726dfec

(generated with OpenSSL 0.9.7e)

This is a minor bugfix release, fixing problems with versions
2.1.16-2.1.17. See notes below.

Wishing all cfengine users a happy and productive 2006. The development
of cfengine 3 will begin in the new year.

best wishes
Mark Burgess

2.1.18 ChangeLog
Error in FileExists() left over from 2.1.16 changes. Fixed

elsedefine was not defined if a copy was requested of a non-existent
file. Fixed.
HostnameKeys (dynamic keys for dhcp clients) fix for cfservd.
Error in stat'ing links that point to non-existent files in
cfservd. Missing "else" caused this to be reported as an error in
remote file copy.

5 second timeout reduced to 10 in cfservd file change check.
Error message returned by cfservd is non-specific and previously
said authentication denied, regardless of failure. The daemon now
replies "Unspecified refusal". Users should use -v or -d2 on both sides
of a connection to diagnose the true cause of failure,
Segmentation fault when in verbose mode fixed - editfiles pointer.
Error in parsing quotes and escaped quotes in functions.

Bug in implementation of tidy scheduling during dependent classes fixed.

        BeginGroupIfLineContaining operations added

Function ExecShellResult similar to ExecResult, but a shell is used,

cfservd some additional memory reclamation during file updates, could
cause memory leaks..

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