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Re: Cfengine bug tracker

From: John Sechrest
Subject: Re: Cfengine bug tracker
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 02:29:37 -0800

Mark Burgess <address@hidden> writes:

 % The sourcefourge drupal site seems to be broken now. Is it really any
 % better than the broken GNU site?


 % John Sechrest set this up. What happened to it? John? 

 The MYSQL services at sourceforge changed.

 I have to re-install with the new mysql server.

 % Could we not
 % simply mirror the html tree from www.cfengine.org? At least there would
 % be content then.

 I have been pegged for the last month or so.

 But I am now coming up free. 

 Do you want to 
 a) mirror
 b) reinstall
 c) try to recover the old configuration

 I am willing to put in time on this next week.

 Perhaps sooner if things go well. 

 % On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 11:34 -0800, Eric Sorenson wrote:
 % > On Mon, 2 Jan 2006, Dave Love wrote:
 % > 
 % > > [ context snipped ]
 % > >  For what it's worth, if I remember
 % > > correctly that's a regression which I may even have failed to report
 % > > via the useless bug address.
 % > 
 % > I've been mulling over this sentence since I first read it last week. 
 % > 
 % > Assuming you mean the SF bug tracker, to a first approximation this is 
 % > my fault. About a year ago, I signed up to herd over the tracker, and 
 % > I did pretty well (IMO) for most of last year. But I've recently found 
 % > my free time has shrank from 'little' to 'less', and I'd like to 
 % > formally pass on the torch to somebody. It's not an incredibly 
 % > glamorous job but here are a few reasons why somebody might want to 
 % > volunteer:
 % > 
 % > 1. It helps the overall project to have a centralized list of known 
 % >    problems that are actively being worked on. (Community)
 % > 
 % > 2. You can help others increase their knowledge of cfengine by 
 % >    ferreting out real bugs from user errors, and thereby gain a 
 % >    reputation as a CfBadAss (Status)
 % > 
 % > 3. You will learn lots about how cfengine works under the hood, esp
 % >    parts that you might not use yourself. If you want to become a 
 % >    better C systems programmer, getting down-n-dirty with cfengine 
 % >    under gdb/ddd can be a rewarding learning experience (Stimulation)
 % > 
 % > It doesn't have to be one person, either; Scott Lackey (slackey on 
 % > SF/IRC) volunteered to step up, but perhaps other folks want to share 
 % > the responsibility; I think this is a good thing to help minimize the 
 % > single-point-of-human-failure problem. 
 % > 
 % > Basically all it takes is, say "Me! Me!", Mark says "OK", him or John 
 % > Sechrest grant you admin on the SF tracker, and you go through the bug 
 % > list and whittle it down as best you can.
 % > 
 % > Any takers?
 % > 

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                        .           computers and the Internet
                          .            more effectively
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