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bugs in HostRange() function?

From: Guolin Cheng
Subject: bugs in HostRange() function?
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 15:13:24 -0800


 Im testing IPRange and HostRange functions, but seems the first one works great even for dual-homed machines, but the latter still seems failed. My cfengine version is 2.1.17.

 Cfagent reports syntax error for HostRange() function, but from the reference manual I cant see any mismatch in my config.

 My configure is:


          HelloIPHosts = ( IPRange( ) )

          HelloAliasIPHosts = ( IPRange( ) )

          HelloHostMachines = ( HostRange(hello,1-10) )


 The output is:


 Any suggestions?  Thanks.


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