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cfengine 2.1.19 released

From: Mark Burgess
Subject: cfengine 2.1.19 released
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 09:45:16 +0100

Cfengine version 2.1.19 is released 26/02/06

openssl version
OpenSSL 0.9.7e 25 Oct 2004

openssl md5  cfengine-x.x.x.tar.gz
openssl sha1 cfengine-x.x.x.tar.gz

MD5 (cfengine-2.1.19.tar.gz) = d7dc3280975cd515bcfb1dd22e871e32
SHA1(cfengine-2.1.19.tar.gz) = 5cd009f684c031c650b0c311f2c3dcdfe86da9c7

This version contains a number of bug fixes and a handful of new


cfagent will now exit and cease processing if any class in the defined
control list

         AbortClasses = ( class_name_1 class_name_2 ... )

The singlecopy feature has been rewritten after reports of it not
working, besides, the code was bizarre and the documentation was
even worse.

The autodefine code also patched and tested. In both these cases,
there are lists of *patterns* or wildcards. The code and docs now

ExecResult now runs its command in -n mode
Error parsing strings (esp shellcommands) that contain the $
symbol due to a bug in 2D-lists.
VMWare ESX recognition.
Bug in cfservd stat-mode on symbolic links not correctly
evaluated.  Bug in linktype=copy for copy fixed.
Bug in array expansion fixed - would truncate string after expansion

Constant-cosmetics and length alterations. CF_SMALLBUF introduced,

PID file added for each daemin in WORKDIR == /var/cfengine
Patch for function argument parsing
Typo in docs. SelectPartitionGroup -> SelectPartitionNeighbours
inform=true support for packages
HostRange bug - recoding not implemented properly from
2.1.16. Caused seg fault.

Joe Buehler's harmless patch to cfexecd to flag daemon and batch mode.
Serious bug in binserver handling fixed. (Rarely used feature)
home tidying did not set the "done flag" for multiple pass avoidance.
Patches to setting unqualified and qualified names
SuSE 10 detection patch

Minor error fixes discovered by Joe Buehler and his wonderful
Files is the "suspicious" list were marked "not sensible" so that
follow-up rules e.g. to delete them would not be triggered This is
now considered a confusion of roles. Suspicious files are no
longer skipped.

More memory leaks in cfservd

Compilation fix for non-IPv6 savvy machines


Mark Burgess

Professor of Network and System Administration
Oslo University College

Work: +47 22453272            Email:  address@hidden
Fax : +47 22453205            WWW  :  http://www.iu.hio.no/~mark

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