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[bug-cflow] Bug on website? https://www.gnu.org/software/cflow/manual/ht

From: Adrian Muresan
Subject: [bug-cflow] Bug on website? https://www.gnu.org/software/cflow/manual/html_node/Symbols.html#Symbols
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2017 18:36:00 +0000

On this site, you have the following (see below). In particular: isdir() references NULL but isdir() does not reference NULL. NULL is only referenced by static char *ignored_names[] = { ".", "..", NULL }; and ignored_names is not even referenced by isdir()


$ cflow --number -i x d.c

         1 main() <int main (int argc,char **argv) at d.c:85>:

         2     fprintf()

         3     stderr

         4     max_level <int max_level at d.c:37>

         5     atoi()

         6     printdir() <void printdir (int level,char *name) at d.c:42> (R):

         7         DIR

         8         dir

         9         getcwd()

        10         perror()

        11         chdir()

        12         opendir()

        13         readdir()

        14         printf()

        15         ignorent() <int ignorent (char *name) at d.c:28>:

        16             ignored_names <char *ignored_names[] at d.c:24>

        17             strcmp()

        18         isdir() <int isdir (char *name) at d.c:12>:

        19             stat()

        20             perror()

        21             S_ISDIR()

        22             NULL

        23         max_level <int max_level at d.c:37>

        24         putchar()

        25         printdir()

                     <void printdir (int level,char *name) at d.c:42>

                     (recursive: see 6)

        26         closedir()


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