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Re: [bug-cflow] Help, please! I want to analyse ALL functions in a set o

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: [bug-cflow] Help, please! I want to analyse ALL functions in a set of C files.
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2019 09:33:35 +0200

Hi Alan,

> My problem seems to be that only the functions directly called from
> main() are getting processed.  This omits most Emacs "primitives", C
> functions which get called by name from the Lisp interpreter rather than
> from main().

Yes, normally cflow descends the parse tree beginning from the "start
symbol", which is "main" by default. There are two important points:
first, the start symbol can be redefined using the --main (-m) option,
and secondly, if the start symbol does not appear in any of the source
files given to cflow, it will output flow graphs for all functions.
The latter seems to be exactly what you need. So, I'd suggest giving the
name of a non-existing function as the start symbol, e.g.:

  $ cflow -b --cpp `cat ~/emacs-cflow-ls.txt` -m someneverdefinedsymbol *.c

Please, let me know if that works for you. In the meantime, I'll
implement an option that would instruct cflow to output all functions
without using this kludge.


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