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[Bug awt/26648] java.awt.Font.createFont() needs to be implemented

From: sven at physto dot se
Subject: [Bug awt/26648] java.awt.Font.createFont() needs to be implemented
Date: 5 May 2006 00:42:16 -0000

------- Comment #3 from sven at physto dot se  2006-05-05 00:42 -------
Okay, well the situation is that if we do our own font rendering, this will
solve itself. Qt supports this too, so that's not a problem.

But for the situations where we don't, then the game looks as follows: 
* FreeType supports this, no problem.
* Pango/GTK does not support this. 

Note also:
* Fonts created with createFont() on the JDK cannot be used with native
widgets. Thus we don't actually need GTK/X support. (Presumably, Sun hit up on
this limitation as well) 

There is one big solution and one small solution available here:

1) Do our own text layouting. As most of the code for this is in the public API
(java.text, java.awt.font packagess), it's not a huge task, and will be wanted
by some folks anyway (like JNode). The actual rendering then be done by
Cairo/Freetype. (or a seperate pure-java backend) This is how GlyphVectors are
already drawn on the Cairo peers, albeit through getting the laid-out text from

2) Hack Pango to create a Pango font from a freetype typeface.



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