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[Bug awt/27239] Images shown with wrong color on powerpc (big endian)

From: bernhard at intevation dot de
Subject: [Bug awt/27239] Images shown with wrong color on powerpc (big endian)
Date: 6 May 2006 08:54:27 -0000

------- Comment #11 from bernhard at intevation dot de  2006-05-06 08:54 -------
thanks for commenting and working on an improved patch.
I will give it a look soon. Currently I am at GNU/Linuxtag in Wiesbaden.

When chatting with Mark I am not sure anymore
that this bug actually only occurs on ppc.
The missing back and forth encoding between java representation
and gdk representation could also affect little-endian platforms.
Thus the question: What were your results with the colors on little-endian?

As to gdk documentation, if they do not describe it,
I think it should be filed as bug.
There is
and around this page giving some documentation about how the pixels are

While browsing the documentation I have also found:
might be interesting.



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