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[Bug xml/27610] java.lang.ClassCastException (SAXTransformerFactory)

From: pat at radiology dot northwestern dot edu
Subject: [Bug xml/27610] java.lang.ClassCastException (SAXTransformerFactory)
Date: 18 May 2006 00:44:33 -0000

------- Comment #1 from pat at radiology dot northwestern dot edu  2006-05-18 
00:44 -------
Clarification of the reported bug:

SAXTransformerFactory tf = (SAXTransformerFactory)

The above line returns implementation of the base class
(gnu.xml.transform.TransformerFactoryImpl) instead of the correct class

It fails in classpath (ClassCastException) but in SUN JDK it returns the
correct implementation of the SAXTransformerFactory class.



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