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[Bug swing/27651] ClassCastException via javax.swing.tree.TreePath.isDes

From: david dot gilbert at object-refinery dot com
Subject: [Bug swing/27651] ClassCastException via javax.swing.tree.TreePath.isDescendant()
Date: 18 May 2006 09:36:54 -0000

------- Comment #4 from david dot gilbert at object-refinery dot com  
2006-05-18 09:36 -------
>       public static class LayerNode implements TreeNode, Comparable {
>       [...]
>           public boolean equals(Object o) {
>               //Needed for the #contains check in MapLayerPanel, as well as
> #getIndex. [Jon Aquino]
>               LayerNode other = (LayerNode) o;
>               return layer == other.layer;
>           }
>       [...]
>       }
>   }

So TreeNode.equals(LayerNode) presumably is OK, but LayerNode.equals(TreeNode)
will throw a ClassCastException.  This made me wonder if our implementation of
TreePath.isDescendant() has the equals() test around the opposite way to the
reference implementation.  So I wrote a Mauve test to check this implementation
detail...but (unfortunately) it shows that this isn't the problem (the checks
pass on both GNU Classpath and Sun's JRE 1.5.0_06).  Anyway, I'll commit the
test to Mauve now in case anyone wants to look at it - the file is:



david dot gilbert at object-refinery dot com changed:

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                 CC|                            |david dot gilbert at object-
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