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[Bug swing/27957] New: JToolTip issues

From: hendrich at informatik dot uni-hamburg dot de
Subject: [Bug swing/27957] New: JToolTip issues
Date: 8 Jun 2006 13:26:45 -0000

And yet another free Swing nitpick... tested with cvs 2006.06.08 and jamvm.

1. ToolTipManager should be changed so that static tooltips (activated by
   a call to setToolTipText(String)) disappear again after some seconds of
   inactivity. Currently, tooltips remain open unless another tooltip is shown.

   For example, run the attached testcase, move the mouse onto one of the
   buttons, and wait. The tooltip appears correctly, but it never disappears.
   During testing with jamvm, I also managed to have tooltips for both buttons 
   displayed at the same time...

2. Lightweight tooltips are not removed in all cases. See attached screenshot
   for the same tooltip drawn at three different places. I can reproduce this
   in the testcase by moving the mouse to the exit button, waiting for the 
   (lightweight) tooltip, and then moving the mouse through the tooltip into
   the upper canvas. Tooltip stays. Move the mouse back to the button, and 

3. Custom tooltips currently don't work at all. See attached testcase for a
   JComponent that overrides getToolTipLocation and getToolTipText( MouseEvent
   to display context-sensitive (if boring) tooltips.

4. (minor) The algorithm used to calculate the default tooltip position works
   fine in most cases, but I still get off-screen tooltips after moving the 
   testcase window to the right-most corner of my screen.

           Summary: JToolTip issues
           Product: classpath
           Version: 0.92
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P3
         Component: swing
        AssignedTo: roman at kennke dot org
        ReportedBy: hendrich at informatik dot uni-hamburg dot de


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