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[Bug fortran/41044] internal compiler error: in gfc_conv_intrinsic_funct

From: burnus at gcc dot gnu dot org
Subject: [Bug fortran/41044] internal compiler error: in gfc_conv_intrinsic_function
Date: 9 Oct 2009 21:59:52 -0000

------- Comment #7 from burnus at gcc dot gnu dot org  2009-10-09 21:59 -------
(In reply to comment #6)
>     idx=sum(maxloc(index(pfd%n,pfmt)))-1

The problem is that "pfd%n" is simplified to an array constructor [''] of type
expr->value.constructor->ts == CHARACTER(kind=1,len=3).

But this typespec is not propagated to expr->ts while doing the simplification
and thus expr->ts is BT_DERIVED and expr->ts.kind == 0 - which causes the
assert to trigger. If one applies the hack below, one continues a bit further
but ends up having an ICE in gfc_conv_string_parameter's
  gcc_assert (POINTER_TYPE_P (TREE_TYPE (se->expr)))

The proper solutions is presumably to find the spot in array.c or expr.c where
the derived-type constructor is simplified into an character constructor; there
at least updating the expr->ts is missing.

Not working hack (ICE in gfc_conv_string_parameter):

--- trans-intrinsic.c   (Revision 152601)
+++ trans-intrinsic.c   (Arbeitskopie)
@@ -5340,2 +5340,5 @@ gfc_conv_intrinsic_function (gfc_se * se
     case GFC_ISYM_INDEX:
+      if (expr->value.function.actual->expr->expr_type == EXPR_ARRAY)
+       expr->value.function.actual->expr->ts
+         = expr->value.function.actual->expr->value.constructor->expr->ts;
       kind = expr->value.function.actual->expr->ts.kind;



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