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Re: Suggested enhancement to du command - show last modified date.

From: William Brendling
Subject: Re: Suggested enhancement to du command - show last modified date.
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 20:02:16 +0100

> Internally, file time stamps should be maintained to nanosecond
> resolution, not just 1-second resolution.

I am using the stat structure returned by the FTS routines. This does
not give nanosecond resolution, unless it is in the __unused1,
__unused2, and __unused3 members. How portable are these ? Or is my
RedHat 7.3 system just too out of date ?

Also I would not know what to do with the nanosecond resolution if I
kept it. The date formating routine I borrowed just accepts time_t

> I suggest using the 'long-iso' time style as the default format, e.g.,
> "2004-10-02 15:30".
> There's no real need to put that ugly "T" in the output.

I agree that the "T" is ugly. However, I wanted a default format that
did not include any whitespace, so that all those utilities that split
fields on whitespace would regard the date & time as a single field.
My original, non-standards complying draft had a period "." to join
the date and the time.

> For consistency the time stamp format option should use the same
> option syntax as 'ls'.  E.g.,
>   du --last-time='modify' --time-style='+%Y-%m-%d'

OK. If / when I produce my next version I will adopt this.

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