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Re: Possible bug in uname command

From: Alfred M\. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Possible bug in uname command
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 22:04:13 +0200

   >    I don't think it will break scripts because legacy operating
   >    systems don't support those options either.

   > If you consider GNU a legacy operating system, sure.  Recall, GNU
   > coreutils is for GNU, not non-GNU systems.

   Notice that I said "either".

Noted, sorry that I missed it.

   Does Hurd support the interface to supply 'uname -p' information?
   The implication from reading this is your statement is that it does
   not.  In which case 'uname -p' on GNU Hurd is not useful either.

It doesn't work currently, but there are no reasons why one couldn't
add such support.

   Because basically when dealing with a command as non-portable as
   uname you should take these differences into consideration now

They are only non-portable across different operating systems (say
OpenBSD vs GNU).  My point is that coreutils main goal is not to be
portable across various operating systems, if `uname -p' outputs
`unknown' on platforms that can't provide that info, then that is


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