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Re: ls

From: Alfred M\. Szmidt
Subject: Re: ls
Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 13:39:09 +0200

   I've been trying to find where the command 'ls' gets its color

It gets the information from the enviroment variable LS_COLORS.
Usually, dircolors is used to set this envar, but what file it should
read is system dependant.

Anyway, this is already documented in the info manual:

,----[ (coreutils)dircolors invocation ]
| 10.4 `dircolors': Color setup for `ls'
| ======================================
| `dircolors' outputs a sequence of shell commands to set up the terminal
| for color output from `ls' (and `dir', etc.).  Typical usage:
|      eval `dircolors [OPTION]... [FILE]`
|    If FILE is specified, `dircolors' reads it to determine which colors
| to use for which file types and extensions.  Otherwise, a precompiled
| database is used.  For details on the format of these files, run
| `dircolors --print-database'.
|    The output is a shell command to set the `LS_COLORS' environment
| variable.  You can specify the shell syntax to use on the command line,
| or `dircolors' will guess it from the value of the `SHELL' environment
| variable.

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