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Bug report: sort.c or AIX compiler

From: Lemley James - jlemle
Subject: Bug report: sort.c or AIX compiler
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 12:30:45 -0500

Hi Coreutils Coders, 

when compiling coreutils 5.90 on AIX 5.3 in 64 bit mode

sort dumps core at line 1724 or 1725 (coreutils 5.90).   

It works fine in 32-bit mode, and debugging statements I add make it
seem like the code is doing the right thing.  


Same thing is present in coreutils 5.30, and probably has been in sort.c
since it was written, but that's a wild guess.


When this change is made, it runs just fine (well, it works for at least
one input) after being compiled in 64-bit mode: 


<       bool swap = (0 < compare (&lines[-1], &lines[-2]));


>       int swap = (0 < compare (&lines[-1], &lines[-2]));


Perhaps the notion of doing arithmetic with negative numbers and a
"bool" data type is poor.  

When "swap" is cast as an int, as below: 

      temp[-2] = lines[-2 + (int) swap];

this also works fine; so it looks like the AIX compiler is not promoting
int + bool to int.  


So, change sort.c to not do math with a bool?  Or report to IBM as an
AIX compiler bug? 


--James Lemley




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