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Re: ls

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: ls
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 06:05:01 -0600
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According to Nino Pereira on 10/9/2005 11:49 AM:
> I didn't see the file with the docs, doc/coreutils.texi, on
> my system in the place where my docs live, /usr/share/doc/coreutils.
> This does have name of dircolors's author, H. Peter Anvin, but that's
> as far as it goes.

The source code (including doc/coreutils.texi) is only available if you
download a source tarball, or preferrably, the CVS source.  The .texi file
is the source code that gets compiled into the info pages, so you will not
find it installed in /usr/share/doc.  Instructions for accessing CVS are
at https://savannah.gnu.org/cvs/?group=coreutils.

> Also, the problem is, I think, not so much in dircolors as well in
> the fact that debian's version of dircolors doesn't seem to read
> the file .dir_colors.  

It's not debian's, or any other distro's, responsibility to read your
custom .dir_colors - it is your OWN responsibility.  Edit your shell
startup script (I'm guessing your ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc, since you
passed the -b flag, but it could be ~/.cshrc) and add the line
eval "`dircolors -b ~/.dir_colors`"

Now, on shell startup, your shell will run dircolors to set LS_COLORS,
using your customized ~/.dir_colors as its source.

>>I would recommend doing
>>dircolors -p > ~/.dir_colors
>>Then use your favorite editor to improve it to your liking.  Just
>>because the distro doesn't create such a file for you when you
>>create a new user doesn't mean that you can't do it at a later
> In my earlierst attempt to set the colors I did make such a file,
> or at least I checked that I had such a file. Then I edited this
> file, and tried it. Didn't work.

Not only do you have to create the file, you also have to make sure your
shell invokes dircolors while pointing to the file.  If you have GNU
dircolors (easily tested by doing dircolors --version), then customizing
your color scheme will work.

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