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Re: Is there a way to know how the user loginned?

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Is there a way to know how the user loginned?
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 10:31:46 -0600
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Note that your message was HTML and it seems did not make the complete
journey through the mailing list.  I extracted it from the spam trap
where a copy was held.  If possible please send messages as plain
text and not as HTML.

address@hidden wrote:
> Hello !<br><br>My OS: SUSE Linux 10<br><br>I would like to know:<br>Is
> there a way to know how the user loginned to the system?<br>I.e. locally, 
> xterm, alt+F2,
> konsole, telnet or SSH ?<br><br>I have found no utility for that on my Linux 
> system.<br><br>thanks.<br>-Alexey.<br><br>15.10.2005<br>
> This Message is sent through the server <A
> HREF='http://www.violtan.com/'>www.Violtan.com</A><br>
> </BODY></HTML>

You have sent your message to bug-coreutils which is a bug reporting
and discussion list for the GNU coreutils.  But you are just asking
for general system help.  This is not an appropriate forum for that
type of question.

But to give some answer to your question though I shouldn't but
because I can't resist, this information is usually logged by PAM to
the syslog, freqently /var/log/auth.log.  But there is no other record
and no command returns this information.


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